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1559 E. Saint Gertrude Pl. Santa Ana, CA 92705
(714) 435-CULT(2858)



One-year frame warranty against manufacturer defects. CULT will replace any frame at no charge within that year. After one year we can offer you a deal on a new frame.
All components have a one year warranty against manufacture defect. Sect IC Fork and Deathrow Cranks are the only parts covered under the Lifetime Warranty Program...

This warranty does not apply to soft goods, plastic or rubber products. This warranty does not cover damages like dented tubes, and stripped threads. This warranty does not cover damage caused by improper adjustments, normal wear and tear or anything other than defects in workmanship and material. This warranty does not cover already warrantied products.

CULT does not guarantee that the damaged products will be replaced with the same exact model and color.
Please do NOT send any damaged products to CULT with out contacting us.

If you live outside of the United States, please contact the authorized CULT distributor in your country.

For any problems regarding CULT products, please contact our warranty department immediately. Please be prepared to leave a detailed message, including your name, phone number & photos of product. email: warranty[at] phone: (714) 435-CULT(2858)

NO REFUNDS... Any product up for warranty must be shipped to the following address... Shipping to and from MUST be covered at the customers expense. CULT Attn: Warranty 1559 E. Saint Gertrude Pl. Santa Ana, CA 92705


How can I get CULT stickers? You can order CULT sticker packs from our Online Store. For free stickers, send a self addressed stamped envelope to 1559 Saint Gertrude Pl. Santa Ana, CA 92705

Can I be part of the CULT CREW? Its not just about being a good rider, your attitude plays a big part. Shred on your bike, be cool and say what’s up to any members of the CULT.

Where can I buy CULT products? Go to your local bike/BMX shop or finer BMX mailorders. If our products are not in stock, have your local bike shop hit up one of our distributors.

Where is your product made? As an American company, we feel it is our obligation to support American manufacturing and the economy as a whole. US metal standards are high and ensure quality. The price to keep it local reflects, and that could be considered the only real drawback. We also offer OS (overseas) products. The main attraction to outsourcing is the drop in price therefore we keep the pricing down for the consumer.

Is my warranty void if I modified my CULT product? Different color paint job, cutting bars, and cutting steer tubes on forks does not void the warranty. We will NOT warranty a fork or bar because you cut them too short. Modifications that damage the structure of the product such as drilling, bending, or denting will void any warranty.

Will you put a pic of my bike on your site? Send them in to yourbuild[at]